Jana Sena Party is not just a one-man show. Jana Sena party has an office address known to the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He has to form his cadre in the coming months for now obviously fans, followers of Pawan Kalyan are cadre of Jana Sena. Few analysts from both states said recently in an interview that if Pawan Kalyan continues to question in all the major issues then Jana Sena Another national party in the making.
Pawan Kalyan garu is aware of current situation in Andhra Pradesh state and based on the situation he is coming up tweets in Twitter whenever the state people needs his support.  And for his earlier commitments given to the producers to earn money for his future political plans he goes away into a silent or days.

When full-time politicians are unable to do anything for the welfare of Andhra Pradesh vis-a-vis the special category status or the plight of farmers in Amaravati, the full-time actor/part-time politician Pawan Kalyan expresses his concern over the AP Special Status.
Considering all things, Jana Sena party also turn out to be a people's party in the coming years. which will be more helpful for the needy rather than the richy.  Even for now Jana Sena Party was by and large a one-man show banking heavily on the true leadership and craze of party president and founder.
If Jana Sena contests the 2019 polls, Pawan Kalyan party will have very good chance in forming government. Antis of pawan kalyan and Jana sena might think what about the Jana Sena as a whole. But for them the time will clear all doubts and clouds. People believe that Jana Sena will remain as a very strong political party for the people in the coming 25 years.

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