After the Praja Rajyam party was formed in 2008, Pawan Kalyan thought that his brother's party would make a difference. Therefore, he was completely unprepared for the revelation that the Praja Rajyam was just as any other political party and only intended to serve the state. But due to internal problem and lack of ability chiranjeevi merged it with congress and rest is history now. Pawan Kalyan Biggest Strength is his Honesty and Simplicity.
Pawan Kalyan never thought of keeping away from mega star but due to certain security reasons he couldn't make it to the event. There are lot of gossips on the communication gap or family relations between chiranjeevi and pawan kalyan. But nothing comes between brothers.

Why is he so disenchanted with Chiranjeevi although he genuinely loves him. The reason is not politics and even chiranjeevi revealed in an recent interview about PK.
As of  now pawan kalyan is building the platform for jana sena party and he is soon going to come with an official office address in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. He also working on cadre, Jana Sena is the only party in India which is corruption-free. And Pawan Kalyan wants to keep it that way throughout 


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