Jana Sena Chief and President have come on both ruling parties TDP and BJP very strongly in Kakinada Andhrulu AthamaGouravam Sabha. More than 1 lakh fans and followers of pawan kalyan were present in the meeting. Probably the biggest meeting in the recent times on andhra pradesh special status. It went on from 4pm to 5:10 pm more than one hour without taking a 1 minute break. Only pawan kalyan was present on the stage and he simply rocked with his words. He took in every detail of special status and explained why Andhra Pradesh need special status than a special package. He termed special package as Two Rotten Laddus from central government (BJP). Seemandhrula Athma Gaurava Sabha was a big hit as there were huge explanations pouring in from central to state governments. 

Pawan Kalyan Kakinada Meeting Complete Video:

Response from Venkayya Naidu, Chandra Babu, Sujana Chowdary, Hari Babu and others attached.

Explanations came in from the top 4 politicians BJP and TDP who were mainly involved in working for special status. We need to wait and see where it will lead to. Pawan Kalyan in a recent interview with Tv9 with Ravi Prakash said " If they know that central is going to give only special package, why they gave promise before elections that BJP and TDP will surely take special status to AP." Now they should say sorry to people of seemandhra. He said.

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