Pawan kalyan gave a spell bounding speech without any kind of vulgarity or nonsense stuff in between. His entire speech went around 45-60 minutes and he never took a break too. This speech was given after Pawan took an instant decision two days back after his visit to vinod royal who died in a clash. But the total pawan kalyan tirupati public meeting was gone on Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. After BJP and TDP alliance formation and came to power both in centre and state they didn't do anything on special status till date. This made pawan kalyan to rethink on his statements which were made before elections on special status. He asked about special status confirmation and when it is going to happen and when bjp is going to give special status to andhra pradesh.

Pawan Kalyan Speech Details:

“The chief minister says he cannot adopt confrontationist attitude towards the Centre, because he has to get funds for the state. I can understand it. But how long can he adopt this stand?” he asked.
On Modi, he said he had a lot of respect towards the Prime Minister for upholding the nation’s pride in the foreign countries. He, however, made a soft attack on the Prime Minister saying all his schemes like Make in India, Skill India and Start-up India would not work in AP, unless special status is given.
Pawan Kalyan sought to give himself a clean chit saying he was not a stooge of Modi or Naidu.
“Somebody said my party is a Bhajana Sena. Some person said I am Rubber Singh not Gabbar Singh. But, I did not react on the same. I don’t make statements or allegations just for the sake of publicity or power and even i dont personally like that. I say what I feel,” pawan said.
Pawan Kalyan finally revealed his upcoming events which are going to happen in the next month. He is going to start an agitation against bjp to get special status for andhra pradesh. Pawan is going to attend public meeting in kakinada on september 9th 2016. For there he is going to reveal whats his next step. 

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