Pawan Kalyan is master when comes to action sequences in his films. Right from the beginning of his career, power star never let down his fans in action part. One of the finest martial art movie in telugu film industry is Johnny, But now sardaar gabbar singh high end action sequences will mesmerize movie lovers and fans is what industry insiders feel. Those who had a short glimpse of fight scenes from SGS, were thrilled.

There is a action scene in the second half of SGS, where high end cameras like Gimbal, Phantom Dolly and Hexacopter Flying cameras were used to capture. Around 120 to 130 fighters were involved in this mega action scene. Sharat Marar and Director Bobby already revealed in an interview that they used the best technology available. Arthur Wilson, Ram Laxman, DSP, Brahma collectively worked on every scene. 

Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie got U/A Certificate from censor board without any cuts. This shows the movie is for one and all in the society. April 8th world wide biggest ever release planned and film unit is working, especially producers are looking for a smooth release. 

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