Pawan Kalyan after a very long time and probably for the first time gave three back to back Interview for telugu news channels. Tv9, Ntv and ABN which are having highest viewership currently in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. PK after sardaar gabbar singh film final box office result was satisfied to an extent. The interviews given to top news channels were uploaded in youtube, facebook and shared in twitter. Which are available to all the netizens across the globe.

Pawan Kalyan Interviewed by Tv9 CEO Ravi Prakash for the first time and touched all political topics. Even the same case with Ntv reporters and ABN News reader. Go through the below Interview videos of Pawan Kalyan Political Entry and Why he wants to quit movies before 2019 elections. 

Pawan Kalyan Exclusive Interview to Ntv Roja and Rushi

ABN Interview with Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan Interview with Tv9 Ravi Prakash

Tv5 Interview with Pawan Kalyan

Maa Tv Anchor Shilpa Chakravarthy Interview With PK

T News Interview with Pawan Kalyan

V6 News Interview with PK

Vanitha Tv Interview with Pawan

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