Well we all know how popular pawan kalyan is in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Overseas especially. But when comes to the regional film industry pk is undisputed king in terms of craze and followers. Pawan Kalyan Lost Crores In Endorsements, this might look different. But yes frankly if he would have accepted brand companies offers till date, he would have earned crores of rupees. Since Tammudu he started rejecting endorsements. 

Pawan Kalyan never did any commercial ad for any brand after pepsi. He was approached by top 100 companies in India, especially for regional (south) promotion. There were few incidents when they came up with figures, no superstar or sportsman will reject. But still pawan kalyan always believed that he should never use his stardom or fan following in commercial aspect. 

He attended audio functions very few in numbers and for social cause. PK knows how to drive his followers in right direction. Airtel is one good example of the above, which was simply rejected by pk. No comparisons to anyone else out there. Everyone will have there own way, this is Power Star way.

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