Finally the most awaiting day of Sardaar Gabbar Singh Audio Release Date was finalized by the movie team. There was no proper official statement from the producer sharat marar garu, but unofficially news is that March 12th 2016 was fixed. If this date becomes official in the coming two to three days. Then the venue which was fixed earlier as Amaravathi will also get a clarity. Because of the weather which is very hot in and around vijayawada, there are plans to change the venue. 

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Audio Release date news came in after producer came into reveal movie release date. Well the date was 8th april 2016, there was no change. Audio release date when asked, producer told its going to happen in the mid march. So probably we can fix it as 12th March which is also saturday. 

Currently the movie is under production and the getting itself wraped up in next one month, includes two songs. SGS is having highest production values till date in the telugu film industry. Movie budget gone up after the recent longest scene in sgs. Around 1000 member team was on location for that particular scene and 100 horses were also present. For now thats it guys, stay tuned for more updates.

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