In a recent interview comedian sunil who is also the hero in Krishnastami movie revealed something interesting. He said this is the first time i am telling this to any tv channel. Till date i never disclosed this to anyone and also made a promise on him. Sunil said while he was working with Rajnikanth in Kathanayakudu movie, while having few words with rajnikanth. He suddenly picked a magazine on which a poster a telugu film actor was published. 

Rajnikanth said to me "He is going to be the next superstar in telugu film industry". The posters were none other than Power Star Pawan Kalyan from Jalsa movie which was released in 2008. Sunil said all this in an interview of his latest release. Rajnikanth who is the biggest superstar in India declares who is the next superstar in tollywood. This is really interesting because of other top personalities in south film industry already compared pawan kalyan to rajnikanth in terms of craze and simplicity. 

Watch in the above video. what sunil revealed about pawan kalyan and who is the next superstar in tollywood. In 2008 itself a superstar judged who is going to become next superstar in telugu cinema.

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