Pawan Kalyan Statements on Tuni Train Incident:

  • I was moved by the Tuni incident and came down from kerala.
  • Kapus are recognised as backward class in North Andhra, in Telangana but not in Rayalaseema, Kostha Andhra
  • Overall Tuni incident is very unfortunate and protests must be peaceful.
  • We all know that kapu reservation was there since the time of British Rule
  • What surprised me is why government has not taken any extra measures to maintain peace and order in Tuni, East Godavari. When a huge mass gathering is happening.
  • We see these kind of incidents in other places of India.
  • Recent protests by Patels, Gujjars are also for their caste status and stopped trains
  • I suspect anti-social elements behind burning the train.
  • Overnight we cannot find a solution for reservations, but government should convince the protestors on specific time period to completely resolve the issue.

  • All political parties have to act responsibly and come forward to resolve this issue.
  • I believe in National integrity, cannot respond keeping only caste in mind
  • I believe that all problems can be resolved through constitutional methods on any day.
  • I am not here to fight for one caste or religion. I came to politics to see national integrity.
  • Leaders of any movement should act with more responsibility these days.
  • Political parties are promising many things at the time of elections without considering the scope of implementing them
  • Kapus community adding into BC was part of the election agenda. 
  • The only reason behind me not reacting for Rohith suicide is that it is not the first of its kind. However, I feel deeply saddened by the incident. He was a brilliant student.
  • Rohith's suicide has been politicised and i just dont want to comment on that. That's the reason stayed away from it.

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