Ambati Rambabu who is very close to Mega Family since beginning of his career into politics. He invited pawan kalyan to his daughters wedding. Normally pk avoids functions and weddings, but as ambati rambabu is very close to him since prajarajyam party. He couldn't avoid it and Pawan Kalyan graced ambati rambabu daughters marriage.

A special bouncers team was all through pawan kalyan to make his entry and exit free. But the crowd and even the guests couldn't control them watching pawan kalyan. Everyone asusual took there smartphones to get a selfie with him. Even purohit also did the same, thats the craze of pk. Wherever pk is the craze follows.

Bouncers at one point of time couldn't even control the guests and pushed them back very hard. Ambati rambabu finally had few words with pawan kalyan and thanked him.

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