Power star Pawan Kalyan expressed his opinion on current situations in Andhra Teleangana. Power star requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in Andhra Telenagna issues and make sure everything is resolved. Power star insisted on maintaining peaceful environment in both regions. He asked political parties to solve the issues among themselves. 

Power star warned that they might be civil wars in both the regions if both states are not willing to sit and resolve the issues.

On Phone Tapping 

Power star asked authorities to hand over the phone tapping case to CBI which will reach the dead end of the phone tapping saga and appropriate action should be taken against accessed persons.

On Cash for Vote Controversy 

Pawan Kalyan suggested both region ministers to sit together and solve the issues instead of verbal and media firing.

On Implementing Section 8

From all corner of politics everyone is suggesting that section 8 should be implemented in Hyderabad.But power star has different opinion and rubbishes the need to implementing the section 8 in Common capital of Andhra and Telangana             

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