A True Gentleman was tagged to Power Star Pawan Kalyan by his colleagues, friends, relatives, entrepreneurs and die-hard fans. He came to film industry in the year 1998 with Akkada Ammayi Ekkada Abbayi but before his debut itself, many of chiranjeevi well wishers, friends and celebrities know PK as very humble and calm going guy. He was never into news until his debut in 1998 as Chiranjeevi's second brother. Pawan Kalyan proved that he is capable of leading tollywood from the forefront and did the same with his continuous hits at Telugu Cinema Boxoffice. With Kushi he reached a position where even Chiranjeevi has to give way for Power Star to occupy Tollywood No.1 position. Here comes the twist, whenever Konidela Kalyan Babu reaches peaks, he used to get into controversies. 

Since 2001 till 2012, no proper super hit or blockbuster was registered at tollywood boxoffice by Pawan Kalyan. If you notice all these 11 years, you will not find a single controversy except couple of frustrated episodes from PK and both are Mega Family personal problems. So 2012 came in and the much awaited blockbuster from Pawan came in the form of Gabbar Singh, which washed almost all tollywood records except Magadheera. And in a gap of one year in 2013, yet another blockbuster in the form Atharintiki Daredi movie took Pawan Kalyan back to his golden days. He was like a God to so many fans across the world and they used to call it as Pawanism. So now Pawan Kalyan followers increased in such a way that no other actor or star in Andhra Pradesh can compete with him interms of craze, followers, image, records, remuneration, honesty, forgiveness and lastly never breaks promises. 

So now the main agenda of some people who dont want him to lead the entire South India for the coming years, will find loopholes and controversy related stuff in Pawan Kalyan's personal life. We have Yellow Media which is always running behind these controversies and tries to expand them for TRP ratings. So hope some of you guys can understand from the above, what exactly is happening and what is going to happen in the coming days. 

Lets See Some Important Lines below, on Why Pawan Kalyan should be blamed for all controversies. Why Media and Haters dont have right to blame Pawan Kalyan. What mistake or scam pawan kalyan made.

1. Pawan Kalyan never created an religion war in the state 

2. Pawan Kalyan was never involved in Money Laundering 

3. PK never dump public or voters with his false and baseless statements

4. Pawan Kalyan was not involved in scams.

5. PK was never arrested by police on any issue.

6. Pawan Kalyan never started a party and merged with others without public interest. 

7. Pawan Kalyan was never involved in any controversy except his personal family problems. 

So by going through all the above truths, What Pawan Kalyan's mistake is and why pawan kalyan should explain about his personal feelings and family issues. Yes everyone has to agree that He is a Celebrity and he is responsible for all his activities. But remember, he is responsible only when he creates problem for public. Else when he make money in wrong directions, when he creates problems to anyone with absolute false statements. But what he did now is all you know, whether it is true or fake news one or the other day we all will come to know. So think guys, think - Its Pawan Kalyan's personal family - so everyone has to allow privacy in those matters. 

Lastly all this information is not for those, who cannot digest at all. But if one becomes Pawan Kalyan fan, they can never stop following him, until and unless heart beat stops.

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