Ram Gopal Varma was again in the news not for any new controversy but his tweets on Attarintiki Daredi Movie Collections and Pawan Kalyan's New Title. Yes RGV again used social networking site Twitter for surprising all movie lovers across India. Lets see what he tweeted about PK and AD.



Previous RGV Comments on PK - Date: 06/08/2013

Ram Gopal Varma is very straight forward person and he always there for controversies and also get involved into controversies right from the beginning of his film career. But whatever he talks in the media, it might be in a News Channel, Twitter or press meet, it will get lot of attention from everyone in India. That is RGV and all his fans and movie lovers knows about him. The interesting point here to mention is - RGV Twitter Comments on Pawan Kalyan Political entry. Lets check with some of RGV tweets on Pawan Kalyan and his craze among Andhra Pradesh voters.

Ram Gopal Varma comments on Pawan Kalyan @RGVzoomin
  • I really hope Pawan Kalyan wil start his own party..he will be the most dynamic among all actor turned leaders right from Mgr to Chiranjeevi.
  • Its not that Pawan Kalyan needs my vote...frm whatevr information I hv from various people entire Andhra Pradesh is waiting to vote for him
  • Not since Bal Thackeray did I see such intensity nd charishma... commitment in his eyes and honesty in thoughts is what makes Pawan Kalyan
  • disclaimers emi levu..am speaking the truth as straight as Pawan Kalyan speaks truth
  • Nenu kalyan tho cinema cheyyadaniki aa tweets anukunte nenu kalyan ni kalisi 5 samvastharalayindhi..kalise vuddheshyam kuda ledu
  • Oka director ga kaadhu kevalam andhra pradesh pouruduga pettina tweets avi
  • Nenichhina tweets chiranjeevigaariki againstgaa kaadhu Pawan Kalyan ki for gaa
  • disclaimers emi levu..am speaking the truth as straight as Pawan Kalyan speaks truth
  • Forgetting the technicalities nd associated logistics  I believe that only Pawan Kalyan is the future of Andhra Pradesh.
  • If just sharmilas walk can evoke so many followers Imagine what pawan kalyans walk can do....it will create historical history.
  • Just let Pawan Kalyan announce paada yatra nd every Paadayatra ever in history will be forgotten.
  • With the response to Pawan Kalyans Paadayatra my prediction is that it will remind people of Mahatma Gandhis Paadayatra.
  • If Pawan kalyan was not Chiranjeevis brother he would have become a even bigger star

ram gopal varma comments on pawan kalyan and attarintiki daredi collections

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