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Pawan Kalyan Harsh words against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and also President of Telugu Desam Party. Mr. Chandra Babu naidu lost his credibility completely in Andhra Pradesh, because of his U Turn decisions taken without even thinking of Andhra Pradesh development. None of the promises he has raised during 2014 election campaign were not even delivered to people of andhra. But now in a recent paid meeting from telugu desam party, CBN used few words that no CM will utter, when holding a prime position. Those words against PK degraded CBN much to new lower levels without any doubt.

Watch the below video - where pawan kalyan mercilessly attacked tdp supremo.

If there is any political party in Andhra Pradesh which doesn't need an spokesperson. It is tdp party as no need of any attack or defend the party from the Opposition or explain things to the public. 
When the entire media belongs to the TDP, where then is the need for a separate spokesperson
Barring Sakshi, V6, Gemini and Maa all the other channels belong to people related to Telugu desam party or its community big guys. Sakshi is belongs to ysrscp well everyone knows that. 
Therefore, any news programme telecast by these channels are packaged in such a way that the effect will be geared towards projecting TDP and Chandrababu Naidu as the messiah of the masses.

In fact, at one point of time, there were actually some very good spokespersons for the TDP but after the entry of Lokesh, the practice of channels themselves blatantly acting as the mouthpieces of the party is now more obvious.
Also, this way, the party will unnecessarily not have to get into damage-control mode due to goof ups by the spokesperson.
When kathi mahesh and sri reddy issue was provoked by media barons against Pawan Kalyan and targeted his mother directly. Well everyone knows that who is behind this. So one can recall lot of other news recently posted in favor of ruling party and making use of media to create negative impact on Janasena.

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