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If news coming from producer sharath marrar office are true, then Kadapa King title is first choice for pawan kalyan current movie. The movie is official remake of tamil super hit veeram film. So as the script is complete mass entertainer with faction backdrop. Producer, director and hero decided to go with Kadapa King title it seems. 

The news is that sharath marrar registered this Kadapa King title in film chamber as well for time being. If everything is set and script matches to the title by the end of the film shoot. They might go with Kadapa King title as the official title it seems. So for now its something like a working title rather than main release movie title. 

Once sharath marrar or director confirms in twitter or any other press release then only we can confirm Kadapa King Title for pawan kalyan next movie.

Pawan Kalyan and Sharath Marar decided to go with Gopala Gopala Director for the next project. SJ Surya was backed from the current remake of tamil film. As surya who is also acting in tamil films very frequently and got good response from tamil audience. Very recently his film Iraivi was a big hit in tamil industry and he is flooded with more acting opportunities. So SJ surya out and bobby In for pawan kalyan film.

So SJ Surya was in a complete dilema state in the last two weeks where Pawan Kalyan and Sharath Marar already locked him for there current project. The film was untitled for now but the pre-production working is going on in full speed. So finally yesterday there was a meeting between the producer, director and actor about the issues they might face in the coming days. Because of unavailability of director SJ Suryah. Tried to work with adjusting schedules but it looked the film might take more time for completion. 

Both Pawan Kalyan and Sharath Marrar has finalized with Gopala Gopala director bobby. Because he already worked with them earlier and got good marks from pawan. Even pawan kalyan wants his close friend surya not to loose any opportunities from both tamil and telugu film industries. And any how its a remake project, so doesn't need to fix with a director. Even bobby can work better than surya. As its already a proved script, so kalyan and surya decided this way.

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