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Pawan Kalyan Statements on Tuni Train Incident:

  • I was moved by the Tuni incident and came down from kerala.
  • Kapus are recognised as backward class in North Andhra, in Telangana but not in Rayalaseema, Kostha Andhra
  • Overall Tuni incident is very unfortunate and protests must be peaceful.
  • We all know that kapu reservation was there since the time of British Rule
  • What surprised me is why government has not taken any extra measures to maintain peace and order in Tuni, East Godavari. When a huge mass gathering is happening.
  • We see these kind of incidents in other places of India.
  • Recent protests by Patels, Gujjars are also for their caste status and stopped trains
  • I suspect anti-social elements behind burning the train.
  • Overnight we cannot find a solution for reservations, but government should convince the protestors on specific time period to completely resolve the issue.

  • All political parties have to act responsibly and come forward to resolve this issue.
  • I believe in National integrity, cannot respond keeping only caste in mind
  • I believe that all problems can be resolved through constitutional methods on any day.
  • I am not here to fight for one caste or religion. I came to politics to see national integrity.
  • Leaders of any movement should act with more responsibility these days.
  • Political parties are promising many things at the time of elections without considering the scope of implementing them
  • Kapus community adding into BC was part of the election agenda. 
  • The only reason behind me not reacting for Rohith suicide is that it is not the first of its kind. However, I feel deeply saddened by the incident. He was a brilliant student.
  • Rohith's suicide has been politicised and i just dont want to comment on that. That's the reason stayed away from it.

                    Below is the detailed list of telugu movies which has the highest gross. Here is the list of top 10 grossing Telugu movies in United States Of America.
                    We all know that Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, NTR, Allu Arjun, Prabhas and Ram Charan are the main contenders. There is always huge competition between telugu movies, especially in america. 
                    1. Baahubali - $6,461,024 
                    2. Srimanthudu - $2,891,723
                    3. Nannaku Prematho $1,918,412
                    4. Attarintiki Daredi - $1,897,621
                    5. Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimlle Chettu - $1,607,546
                    6. Dookudu  - $1,563,476
                    7. Manam - $1,538,242
                    8. Aagadu - $1,482,435
                    9. Bhale Bhale Magaadivoy - $ 1,427,092
                    10. Race Gurram - $1,396,386
                    Without second thought we need to appreciate mahesh babu for his consistency. 

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